Picture Day!!

If ever there was an Unglued day, this could have been it. Picture day, so very stressful with twin tween girls. As always for picture day I had chosen the perfect outfit. Well, at least as always when I remember that it is picture day. But I digress… Perfect outfits for my beautiful girls. Only to finish with breakfast and lunches to find CE dressed in shorts and her sushi t-shirt. Sushi… really? For picture day I asked. Hmmmm, I could have approached that better I am sure. Tears followed and after much discussion we finally agreed on a suitable top for picture day, then I was adjusting the way it hung in the front much to her dissatisfaction…more tears. “Father in Heaven give me strength!”
Moving on to hair, NO!!!!! How do mothers survive this? It was tears, more tears followed by well…tears. Finally I hugged my poor daughter and asked what was wrong, the tween answer of the decade, Nothing! My God Glue is wearing thin by this point. Fortunately her twin comes to me and says mommy it’s time for us to go, then proceeds to give me a soul reassuring hug and I Love You and off they went to school. Whew, I made it, no screaming, eye rolling, or broken relationships. And I have successfully navigated a disastrous situation without my “I am a Screamer label!” Whoo hoo!!!


2 thoughts on “Picture Day!!

  1. I’d like to say this is totally random comment, but then again I don’t believe in Coincidences – only God-incidences. On a whim After a few tough days with many unglued moments, I googled raising tween twins and found your site. More ironically I followed Melissa Taylor’s Bible study and have the Unglued book in my Kindle, but I have not read it yet. And right now out of desperation of some tricky situations between my 10-year-old twin daughters this week (re: Friendships, jealousy and a boatload of other unglued topics), I found a great encouragement in reading the posts on your blog. It’s a blessed thing to know that you’re not alone or the only one. And if there’s any interest for any further sharing or support of raising tween twins, Turning it over to Jesus Christ and bringing these girls through the next decade in God’s hands, Let me know! I have a blog at WordPress too but have never written yet. Thanks again to stumbling on your site and your words of encouragement, at a time that I was seriously raising my hand to him to the Almighty and saying “what is going on here??” Is this really what the tween thing is going to be? No doubt I’m Committing to walk this with Him, not alone.

  2. I loved receiving this comment. It is part of the reason I started writing this blog. I was hoping to encourage others as well as discover I am not alone in this as well. We have lots of God moments in our house. Especially of late! I want to share another book study I have been doing that has also been a tremendous help lately. The book is, Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl. It is fantastic and really has helped me see that we have to fight to give our tween girls a real chance to be little girls for as long as possible. Praying for you and your tweens, may God bless you all.

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