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Picture Day!!

If ever there was an Unglued day, this could have been it. Picture day, so very stressful with twin tween girls. As always for picture day I had chosen the perfect outfit. Well, at least as always when I remember that it is picture day. But I digress… Perfect outfits for my beautiful girls. Only to finish with breakfast and lunches to find CE dressed in shorts and her sushi t-shirt. Sushi… really? For picture day I asked. Hmmmm, I could have approached that better I am sure. Tears followed and after much discussion we finally agreed on a suitable top for picture day, then I was adjusting the way it hung in the front much to her dissatisfaction…more tears. “Father in Heaven give me strength!”
Moving on to hair, NO!!!!! How do mothers survive this? It was tears, more tears followed by well…tears. Finally I hugged my poor daughter and asked what was wrong, the tween answer of the decade, Nothing! My God Glue is wearing thin by this point. Fortunately her twin comes to me and says mommy it’s time for us to go, then proceeds to give me a soul reassuring hug and I Love You and off they went to school. Whew, I made it, no screaming, eye rolling, or broken relationships. And I have successfully navigated a disastrous situation without my “I am a Screamer label!” Whoo hoo!!!